Onboard Video

39,00  inkl. Mwst.

Take your ride home with you and share it with your friends and family.

Are you an easy rider or a scared chicken? The stress level monitoring will show it!




Take it home with you!

To your unforgettable experience, we put even more on it: Your personal co-pilot ride is recorded with our GetSpeed ​​onboard system from different and spectacular camera angles. You will receive the material in the form of a USB stick from us. So you have lasting memories that you can share with friends and family anytime.

Cool racer or full diaper?

Our Stress Level Monitoring shows you in real time out of the moving car! With a specially developed system that analyzes primary parameters such as heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory rate and skin tension using a special algorithm, we measure your adrenaline level. We also use this method very successfully in motorsports to increase the performance and performance of our drivers – do not miss your personal stress level.