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- Official Nurburgring RaceTaxi -

On request incl. stress level monitoring and your onboard lap as a memory

During the public tourist drive sessions on the legendary Nürburgring Nordschleife

Porsche 911 GT3 RS
4.0l | 520 HP | 470 torque

310 km/h top speed | rear-wheel drive | bucket seats | uniball strut bearings | sport brake pads

1 lap Nordschleife with max. 1 person.
Price: 299,00€

Participation requirements::
Minimum age 12 years, max. 120 kg per person and max. 200 cm.

BMW M3 Competition
3.0l Bi-Turbo | 450 HP | 550 torque

280 km/h top speed | 7 speed DCT | rear-wheel drive | M-Sport seats | M-Sport chassis | sport brake pads

1 lap Nordschleife with max. 1 person.
Price: 269,00€

Participation requirements::
Minimum age 12 years, max. 120 kg per person and max. 200 cm.

Where to find us:

Visit our RaceTaxi-ambassadors in our new GetSpeed-RaceTaxi office directly at the InfoCenter at the Nurburgring.

See you there!

Official Nürburgring Racetaxi!

Experience a breathtaking taxi ride through the ‘Green Hell’ with the fastest Team from the VLN Porsche Carrera Cup class. Take a seat as Co-Pilot in the official Nürburgring Racetaxi during the public tourist drive sessions on the Nürburgring Nordschleife, or during the VLN series friday training session with other racing cars.

Co-Pilot on all social media channels!

Show it to all your friends because we record your personal co-pilot lap with our GetSpeed onboard system – giving you different and spectacular camera perspectives. As if thats not enough: You can also share your live experience directly on your social-media channels such as facebook, youtube, twitter and co. Detailed information and instructions on how to share the onboard-fun is provided on booking.

#under8 with the class winners!

Up to 520 HP, 0-100km/h in under 4 seconds and one lap of the Nordschleife in #under8 – these are the performance statistics of the GetSpeed power machines – Porsche 911 GT3 RS and BMW M3 Competition. Other than Adam Osieka, a 20-times class winner at VLN and 24h as pilot, you may also have the chance to take a seat next to Steve Jans, Marek Böckmann und many more Nordschleife experts, ensuring you have an unforgettable Nürburgring-experience.

Cool racer or scaredy cat?

Our stress level monitoring is shown realtime! With our system developed in co-operation with leading research experts, primary parameters such as heart rate, blood pressure, breathing rate and skin tension are measured and with a special algorithm analysed to provide feedback on your adrenalin levels.
This method of monitoring is also used successfully in motorsport to assist in improving the performance of our drivers, so don’t miss out on reviewing your own personal stress level.

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Stress Level Monitoring

Let us measure your personal stress level live and during the ride!


Stream your Co-Pilot lap live on Facebook and share it with all of your friends!*

Racing Team

Profit from the professional setup of a successful racing team!

Motorsport is our passion
GetSpeed - The Performance Center at the Nürburgring

More than 20 years of motorsport experience and countless victories on the world’s toughest racetrack ensures that the GetSpeed ​​Performance Center stands out. As a professional race team we have been shaping the VLN championship at the Nürburgring for years, days and hundreths of a second.

Located in the Nürburgring industry park close to the legendary Nordschleife, the professional support and service for car enthusiasts and motorsport professionals is our mission. We pursue highly innovative approaches to realize the maximum in performance. We are breaking new ground with projects such as the university-accompanied stress level monitoring or the LTE live onboard streaming, developed together with Vodafone.

Whether tuning, hosting or coaching – GetSpeed ​​is a strong partner thanks to its great know-how for club and motor sports customers. From the perfect race track performance and local accommodation of vehicles to individual driver support, we offer everything from one source.

  • Onboard incl. Stress Level Monitoring

    Take your ride home with you and share it with your friends and family. Are you an easy rider or a scared chicken? The stress level monitoring will show it!    

    Take it home with you!

    To your unforgettable experience, we put even more on it: Your personal co-pilot ride is recorded with our GetSpeed ​​onboard system from different and spectacular camera angles. You will receive the material in the form of a USB stick from us. So you have lasting memories that you can share with friends and family anytime.

    Cool racer or full diaper?

    Our Stress Level Monitoring shows you in real time out of the moving car! With a specially developed system that analyzes primary parameters such as heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory rate and skin tension using a special algorithm, we measure your adrenaline level. We also use this method very successfully in motorsports to increase the performance and performance of our drivers - do not miss your personal stress level.  

    39.00 €

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