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We offer you a few specially selected experiences that you will certainly never forget.

Are you up for even more? Helicopter flight, alpaca hike or exclusive catering with a view of the race track?

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on 17.05.2022

Experience a thrilling race taxi ride as part of the exclusive AMG rollout for the 50th 24-hour race on the Grand Prix circuit of the Nürburgring! Be there when the top Mercedes cars turn their first laps of the race track and prepare for THE most famous and toughest event of the year.

349€ incl. Onboard p.P

BBQ evening

on 19.06.2022

Hot Grill, Hot Cars, Hot Driver
Celebrate your exclusive BBQ party with us and Adam Christodoulou! We are hosting an exclusive BBQ party with the best food and cool drinks at the GetSpeed Performance headquarters in Meuspath. At this event you can have real petrol head conversations with a world famous 24h winner. Adam Christodoulou will take you on an exclusive backstage tour behind the scenes of an official Mercedes-AMG works team and explain the technology of our GT3 cars up close and directly on the car. You are also welcome to take a seat behind the wheel to enjoy things from the perspective of a professional racing driver. You will be provided with everything your BBQ heart desires: from the best meat to vegetables and salads, including cold, refreshing drinks.

199€ p.P

Trackday with RSR

am 20.06.2022

On 20.06.2022, in cooperation with RSR, we will rent the entire Nordschleife just for you! As part of the track day, you will have the unique chance to experience a thrilling drive in the Porsche GT3 RS as the co-pilot of none other than Adam Christodoulou! Since the most awesome track in the world is only ours on this day, the motto is: Less traffic, more speed and above all more fun! Join us and get your heart rate up with Adam as you race through the Green Hell! As a 24-hour winner, Adam Christodoulou knows the Nordschleife better than any other driver and will take your breath away with his driving skills. To make this experience unforgettable, we will record your personal co-pilot drive with our GetSpeed Onboard System from different and spectacular camera perspectives. Share your taxi ride with all your friends by taking your recording with you on a USB stick and then sharing the video on all social media platforms.

349€ p.P


am 19.06.2022

On 19.06.2022, however, we’ll be flying a little higher and inviting you to an exclusive helicopter flight over the Nordschleife. During the 10-minute “air experience” you will enjoy the myth of the green hell from a completely new perspective. Together with up to 4 friends, you can explore the last details of the ideal line of the Nürburgring to be able to deliver full performance on the next day at the Trackday (20.06.2022).

299€ p.P